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Baths and showers are rarely, if ever, made of wood; however, bathroom furniture is. Often, in modern bathroom design, the only sight of wood is that in vanity units, or cupboards; in contrast, many traditional cottage bathrooms do, however, incorporate lower or complete wooden panelling.

Bathrooms are often tight for space so dedicated purpose made cabinets can solve this problem , a good example being the Maple mirror shown above, incorporating hidden cupboards which fitted well with the minimalist design of the bathroom. Very different from the large Victorian vanity unit ( above) which was the centre piece of the bathroom and provided a large amount of storage.

As not all timber is suitable for use in the bathroom, we primarily use: American Ash, Beech, European Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Sycamore, or water-resistant MDF, alternatively veneered MDF can be offered as a less expensive option. If required, each item can also be finished with a coat of sprayed lacquer, or sprayed / hand-applied paint.

To accompany these wooden furniture, either marble, laminate, Corian, or solid timber work-tops can be supplied and fitted.