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It’s needless to say that the term ‘furniture’ covers a whole range of joinery: bookcases, tables, chairs, and cabinets - the list is, no doubt, endless. On this page, we have included some of the types of furniture that we’ve constructed over the years. Although many of our designs can be described as simply either modern or traditional, we are capable of developing a range of furniture that is in-keeping with your home’s imagine. Our aim is to provide a product that the client desires by utilising the wealth of experience that our design service offers, rather than forcing any one particular design upon them.

Cabinets and bookcases are rarely exposed to the elements, therefore both hard- and softwoods can be used in their construction. As such, American Ash, Beech, Black Walnut, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, or Sycamore are some of our most popular timber choices; if you’d prefer a combination, inlays can be created to allow one, or more, species to be used.

Whilst there is a wide-array of timber choices, it is important to compliment this with the finest finish: whether hand-waxed, oil-coated, or glazed in a cellulose lacquer.

As any style-conscious women will tell you, accessories make the outfit. The same is true for furniture. To make you life a little easier, we can add a wicker basket. If you can’t see the wood from the tree, why not tastefully add some stainless steel. Whatever you decide, make sure you can see it with the ideal light choice.